I've always had sensitive skin and was delighted when I discovered Anne Weekes and have been using her No 3 as a foundation for years. It's the only thing that doesn't irritate my skin. I use it every day and would be lost without it.

Mairead Pollock, Dublin.


" I accidently (Luckily) discovered Anne Weekes Products and ordered the samples. I then excitedly ordered a full size. I suffer from Vitiligo and dark spots on my cheeks. Previously I had been unable to cover them completely. This camouflage is a real find and I would be lost without it. The Witch Hazel cream is fabulous and leaves my skin smooth and silky all day, I also use it at night.. Their Finishing Powder also gives amazing results (No 1) and sets the camouflage for the whole day. Thanks to the staff at Anne Weekes, you have acquired a customer for life and I will tell all my friends about you. You are a friendly and professional company which is rare these days.

Marilena Martino, Rome, Italy

" I've been using Witch Hazel cream on my face & neck for nearly 18 years. I was introduced to Ann Weeks after I had a chemical burn. It's the only cream that I can ware under my make-up.  Over the years I've tried others but always come back to your Witch Hazel, and I like the new look jars."
Ann Mitchell, Dublin, Ireland.

" I don't know what I would do without my camouflage cream and hope that your business thrives."
Mary Reid, Dublin, Ireland.

" I am with your lovely mother since 1991/1992 and using her products almost continually ever since ( Witchhazel Cream being a prime example).  I also use your Camouflage make up and feel that Ann has given me the right blend for coverage.  All products are perfect for any skin type, and in my case, blemished skin. They have also given me a great confidence boost over the years.  In my 22 years with Anne I have not discovered a skin product to equal or surpass Anne Weeks beauty products.  I also keep all products in the fridge as opposed to the dressing table. This works well especially when using brushes for applying make up.  Will be delighted to contribute to website as my skin is probably a good advertisement for your products.  Looking forward to the new jars." 
Maura O' Dowd, Dublin, Ireland.

 "I had the rosiest cheeks and if I remember correctly, it was my Mam who saw Anne on an afternoon programme on TV. My Mam knew how self conscious I was about my red cheeks. I even had a burning sensation when they got really red which was very uncomfortable. I went to see Anne and have been using No.3 ever since ( 25 years ). People don't even notice my redness as its so natural. I never ever leave the house without it, I don't know what I'd do without it, it has been a lifesaver. I used to dread going to meetings or playing sports but not any more. It stays on all day and you only need to pat on the smallest amount on in the morning and it lasts all day. The skin on my cheeks never gets spots or blemishes. A jar (25 gram ) lasts at least a year, minimum. The new jars are great as the old ones kept cracking. I also use the Witch hazel and the Peach Blossom ( and they are so reasonably priced ). I gave a jar of the Witch hazel to my Mam, her skin reacts to everything, but it loves the Witch hazel. My sister has sensitive dry skin and since she has been using the sample of Peach Blossom you gave me, her skin is so much better. I've been using your camouflage for about 26 years and I'd be devastated if I didn't have it, I'd pay anything for it. I must add that it is very reasonable at 40 euros, when you consider how much Chanel, Lancome etc cost. I can't say enough good things about your camouflage. I have tried other products over the years but NOTHING COMPARES TO IT."

Linda Curley, Dublin, Ireland.

 " I have tried many other camouflage creams and concealers but they never stay on all day like yours do. Your new jars are much more robust than the old ones."
Fiona Young, Co Cork.

" Using your camouflage and Witch hazel creams have changed my life. I have very high colour, broken veins and freckles and your products cover all that up. So much so that people don't even realise I have freckles. I have been using your camouflage creams for 30 years and they have never irritated my skin. I find the Witch hazel very cooling and your powder is great for decreasing shine. I feel confident going out when I have your camouflage cream on . If I had to bring one thing out of the house in a fire or to a desert island, I would grab your camouflage creams. Your products are fantastic and I always recommend them to people."
Kathy Heelan, Dublin, Ireland.


" I've been using your camouflage creams for years, a jar (25 gram) lasts me 3 - 5 years. The new jars are much better."
Rita O'Rourke, Co Leitrim, Ireland.

"I have very sensitive skin and your Camouflage Cream doesn't irritate it. I have tried lots of foundations, even expensive ones but your No.7 is the only one that matches my skin colour." 
Lorraine Larkin, Co Offaly, Ireland. 


" I'm always searching for a new foundation and concealer, I can never find one that does a good job. I've even tried the new BB Creams but nothing compares to the Anne Weekes camouflage range! Fantastic products, goes on smoothly and you only need a small amount. I feel great wearing it and can happily say the search is over! Love these products. Thanks Anne.
Sarah Lloyd, Pilates Expert, Dublin, Ireland.

" I have a Port Wine Stain on my arm, I have tried other camouflage creams, like Dermablend etc but always came back to yours. It stays on when I go swimming and I find the new small pots very handy. I use No.6 under my eyes."
E.L. Co. Cork, Ireland.


For years I have been using No 3 as my foundation makeup. It is the only thing that doesn't irritate my extremely sensitive skin. A large jar lasts me about 14 months. I always worry that Anne will stop making it and I would be devastated.

Mairead Pollack, Dublin, Ireland



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