How To Use

The camouflage cream is a dense but light ointment based cream.  It has a soft texture and will spread well when applied over the Witch hazel base.



Anne Weekes camouflage cream should be applied as follows:

  1. Ensure that the area to be covered is clean and dry.  Apply the Witch hazel base as you would your normal moisturiser.  Apply in a thin layer over the entire area.  Leave to settle for 5 minutes.

  2. Pat on the camouflage cream with finger tips or sponges in a light gentle motion.  If the area has a strong red colour or for dark tattoos apply the green camouflage first – apply small amounts until the desired coverage is achieved.  Then bring the area up to match the surrounding skin tone with one of the flesh coloured tones.  If the result is too dark apply some white camouflage to lighten the area.

  3. Leave the camouflage to settle for a couple of minutes.  Then apply the finishing powder over the entire area with cotton wool pads – this will set the camouflage and make it waterproof.

To remove the camouflage:

  1. Apply generous amounts of the cleansing cream to the area and massage well.  Take care around the eye area.

  2. Remove the cleanser and camouflage with cotton wool pads dipped in warm water.




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