About Anne Weekes

Anne and Olwen Weekes Camouflage Cream

We are a small Irish family business. My mum Anne Weekes, a beauty therapist and teacher specialized in Remedial Camouflage over 35 years ago. But being unhappy with the creams available, she decided to create her own. Eventually she found a manufacturer she could work with. Together they created a great range of colours to match every skin tone.

Our Camouflage Creams 

  1. Stays on all day for 12 hours
  2. Contain over twice the amount of pigment that ordinary foundations and concealers have
  3. Have a 15 SPF (sun protection factor)
  4. Waterproof.
  5. Our Camouflage Creams can cover birthmarks, portwine stains, vitiligo, acne, spots, rosacea, scars, bruises, thread veins and tattoos. Because they have to cover  these difficult skin conditions, they also do a great job of hiding everyday skin problems like dark under eye circles and any skin imperfections.


We provide samples so that you don't waste money buying a colour that doesn't match your skin tone.

You can also call into us and try the products before you buy.

We try and keep our prices down by not spending much money on advertising.

Anne Weekes Camouflage Cream

In 1996 at the CIDESCO World Congress, Anne was honoured with a Medaille D'Esthetique for Educational Services. An awesome achievement.


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