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  • Some of our Archive Photographs

    Anne Weekes CamouflageAnne Weekes Camouflage
  • Our New Super Cute Concealer Make Up Jars

    Our new small pots are just 13 euros. 
  • Our 3 NEW Camouflage Colours


    Our NEW Camouflage creams No.10 and No.11 are good for people who have a tan or a natural yellow tinge to their skin. Some of our clients used to mix No.6 and No.7 together to match their skin tone, but now we've done it for you in our new No.14 which is proving very popular. Our creams cover acne, rosacea. birthmarks, vitiligo, port wine stains, skin discolouration, bruises, post operative marks, dark circles under the eyes and any number of skin problems. They also works well as a foundation and concealer.

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