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  • Swatches of Anne Weekes Camouflage Creams

    Hi guys. Here's a short video of some of our most popular colours on my sallow to fair Irish skin. I have a bit of a tan at the moment and the underside of my arm is very fair.

    No 2A  is new and is light with yellow undertones, later I'll show how it can be lightened with white if needed.

    No 3 is actually our most popular colour although it looks quite dark here. I use this on my face when I'm using fake tan on my face.

    No 4 is our next most popular and I use it when not using fake tan.

    No 5 is very light and used on the body for covering tattoos, birthmarks and scars.

    No 6 is quite peachy and it great for covering dark circles, it's slightly darker than Laura Merciers secret camouflage so less likely to cause panda eyes.

    No 9A is also a new lighter colour with pink undertones. All the light colours can be used for highlighting to

  • Tips on using our Camouflage Cream samples

    Start with clean, dry skin.

    Our Camouflage Creams contain large quantities of pigment so a little goes a long way. Dab a small amount of product on your index finger and pat lightly on the skin. Do not rub in. A little time practicing will let you know how much to apply. 



    • Every make up kit needs our No.1.
    • No. 1 White can be used as a base on dark birthmarks and dark tattoos to neutralise the dark colour.
    • White can also be used to lighten another camouflage colour, or your foundation.
    • No. 2A is one of our new colours which we created due to many requests for lighter shades,
    • No. 3 is our most popular colour. Recently we have been using it also for contouring.
    • No. 4 is similar to No 3 but slightly lighter and warmer colour. I use it instead of a foundation, I rarely need to do any touch ups. Lots of our clients recently use No.4 for contouring.
    • No.5 is very light, containing a lot of white, we use it mainly on the body and for concealing dark tattoos. Although recently loads of people have been requesting samples of No.5 to use for highlighting
    • No. 6 is a warm light colour and is our 2nd most popular colour. I use it to cover my dark circles.
    • No. 7 used to be our most popular colour when having a deep tan was all the rage. Having said that it is still quite popular.
    • No. 8 is a dark brown which is suited to darker skins and contouring.
    • No. 9 A is one of our new colours which suits people with pale skin and can also be used as a highlighter.
    • No. 10 is one of our 5 new colours and suits people with a slight yellow undertone to their skin or has a tan.
    • No. 11 is one of our 3 new colours and suits people with a slight yellow undertone to their skin or have a tan. It is slightly lighter than No. 10.
    • No. 12 can be used over dark tattoos as a base instead of using the No. 1 White. Some clients use the No. 12 as a blusher.
    • No. 13 Green is great for neutralising any redness in the skin like Rosacea, Port-wine stain, birthmarks and tattoos. It is used as a base before the skin matching Camouflage Cream is patted onto the skin. It is very effective so go lightly.
    • No. 14 is one of our 5 new colours and suits people with a slight yellow undertone to their skin or has a tan. It is slightly darker than No. 10 and No. 11. It is a combination of No. 6 and No. 7. and suits people with a slight yellow undertone to their skin or have a tan.
    • Hope this helps, if you have any questions, I'm more than happy to answer them below.
  • Best Concealer

    Review starts off briefly in Italian but is mainly in English.

  • Italian Review by Makeup x Passione

    Hi everybody, today I'm going to tell you about an Irish company: Anne Weekes. They've sent me some testers to try out. The samples of the concealers came in little bags, they're hypoallergenic, made of natural pigments, SPF 15, waterproof and they come in 14 different shades. They're are absolutely spectacular!

    Whatever you want to cover this is the product for you! I really really liked the products and I will definitely buy a couple of full sizes.

    The concealers are high coverage and they're even used in theater and cinema. They can cover anything: tattoos, scars, freckles.

    I've tried one today and it completely covered my freckles.

    The concealers can be used on any type of skin, they don't cause allergies and with so many colors you can surely find the right shade for you.

    I didn't have time to try them all but I will, so I'll definitely make a second video review.

  • Our New Super Cute Concealer Make Up Jars

    Our new small pots are just 13 euros. 

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