• Creamy Yellow Concealer Foundation

    Possible new creamy yellow concealer/foundation, full coverage and stays on all day. I got a request from a client who said that herself and her friends were finding it very difficult to find a foundation with a large amount of yellow in it. So I decided I would try and create one for her. She had already purchased a small set of our samples, so from feedback about the samples I have arrived at this colour. It is one third No 1(white), one third No 4 and one third yellow. I will put our yellow on the website soon.

    Yellow concealer foundation

     The photo on the right is first from left to right No 4, equal parts yellow and No 4 and lastly equal parts white, yellow and No 4. Interestingly I use the No 4 on my face even though it looks quite dark on my arm, also I put it on quite thick.

    Creamy yellow concealer foundation

    A not great photo of this creamy yellow.

    I hope this isn't too confusing and makes sense. If you would like a sample of this creamy yellow, just ask. Thanks for taking a look. xx




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