• Nene Makeup 92

    This amazing brand, Anne Weekes, was kind enough to send me samples of all their concealers and their powders. This brand is not very known in Italy, but it is pretty famous abroad especially for professional makeup and theater makeup because their concealers can even cover up tattoos. I tried them throughout all summer, when I use them I just put a dab of concealer, I also use them as foundation, and setting powder and I have a flawless finish all day.

    My review is extremely positive, I'm incredibly happy with these products, especially n.6 which is my perfect shade. As I said before I use them as foundation as it is basically impossible for me to find foundations that have this amount of coverage. I'm so happy I discovered this brand, they're medium/high price but the quality is excellent and I’ll definitely make an order soon, because I just fell in love with the brand. I hope I'll be able to collaborate with them again because I know they also have a skincare line and I'm really curious to try those products as well.

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