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    I will talk to you about a new brand which is pretty much unknown in Italy, but that I think should be known by everybody: Anne Weekes.

    I've heard about them when I was studying makeup because they have really good products that can be used for theater and skins with various problems.

    Their concealers can be used to cover up any kind of marks on the skin: freckles, birthmarks, couperose (which is similar to rosacea), even tattoos.

    I've tried other famous products that are used to camouflage (dermablend) and i can tell you they're very different.

    Anne Weekes concealers last all day, they're perfect on sensitive skin (I've tried them on my husband, who suffers from seborrheic dermatitis), they're cruelty free and they have a range of 14 colours which can be used both as amazing concealers and foundations, and the jars they come in are basically indestructible.

    I've used them on myself to cover-up a couple of extremely red pimples and the result is outstanding.

    The powders are also incredible! These are finishing powders that turn the makeup waterproof, so once you use the powder your makeup will stay perfectly in place.

    Of all the concealers two of the most interesting ones are the green and the red. The green concealer can be used on red spots while the red one can be used on very dark under eye circles.

    I suggest these to anybody that has skin problems, as these concealers are extremely long lasting, they give full  coverage and are made with natural products which makes them feel very delicate on the skin.

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