• Our New Super Cute Concealer Make Up Jars

    So quite a few people who had tried our Camouflage samples, asked us if you could do smaller, cheaper jars of camouflage/concealer. Luckily out supplier just happened to make containers which were exactly half the size of the 15 gram jars, so they were perfect. Do do look small but contain quite a lot of product, 8 grams/ml is a lot when you consider that Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage contains just over 2 grams and costs 27 euros. I couldn't believe there was so little concealer in their pots. Our new small pots are just 15 euros. Their No.1 is very like our No.6.

    Size;  approximately 0.7" tall (with the cap on) and 1.2" square base (2 cm tall by 3 cm wide)

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