Anne Weekes Camouflage is the best makeup for covering birthmarks, spots, acne, rosacea, vitiligo, tattoos etc.

Samples from €4.50, Irish Company, 50% Mineral Pigments, Hypoallergenic (Perfect for Sensitive Skin), Stays on All Day, Not Tested on Animals, 14 Colours, 15 SPF, Waterproof, Great Concealer, Fragrance Free.


  • Review from one of our clients

    Hi Olwen, 
    Many thanks for your speedy delivery, I only ordered yesterday.
     I went to see your mum over 30 years ago when I was a teenager as I had burned my face when I was 10 and she had been recommended to my by one of the doctors in st Stevens hospital I think it was.
    Anyways over the last 30 odd years I have tried this type of make up and that type but have to say yours is the best. I suppose we all see imperfections in our own faces whether we have scars or not, and even now 30 or so years later I still home in on my own imperfections so it's really nice to get some piece of mind and confidence in a little jar.
    I included some before and after pictures sorry now but I am no beautician but it covers great I used the 13 and the 2a with my foundation and powder and it has lasted all day in a car in the baking heat with the window open.
    Thank you so much and take care
    User from Clare (our client requested that we not use her name)

     Thanks for reading, if anyone would like to share their story, how they use our camouflage and possibly some photos we'd be delighted. Let us know. Thanks again. Olwen

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